hot pot of lamb or mutton

3 hours


  • Potatoes, 400 grams
  • Brown Stock, 1 litre
  • Stewing Lamb/Mutton, 500 grams
  • Onion, 100 grams
  • Dripping, 25 grams
  • Chopped parsley, 1 bunch



Trim the meat and cut into small pieces.

Place in a deep earthenware dish.

Season with salt and pepper. Then mix the shredded onion and thinly sliced potatoes together.

Season and place on top of the meat.

Three parts cover with stock. Neatly arrange an overlapping layer of 2mm thick sliced potatoes on top.

Add the dripping in small pieces.

Thoroughly clean the edges of the dish and place to cook in a hot oven 230-250 degrees till lightly colored.

Reduce the heat and allow to simmer gently till cooked approx. 1 hour.

Press the potatoes down occasionally during cooking.

Serve with the potatoes brushed with margarine and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

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