egg croquette

30 minutes


  • Flour, 25 grams
  • 4 Hard boiled eggs
  • 1 Egg (beaten)
  • Salt and pepper, 1 dash
  • White breadcrumbs, 50 grams
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • Bechamel (thick), 250 milliliters



Boil the bechamel in a thick bottomed pan.

Add the eggs cut into half cm dice.

Re-boil, season, mix in the egg yolk, remove from the heat.

Pour on to a greased tray and leave until cold.

Mould into 4 or 8 even croquette shapes.

Pass through flour , beaten egg and crumbs.

Shake off surplus crumbs and reshape with a palette knife.

Deep fry to a golden brown in hot fat.

Drain well and serve on a dish paper on a silver dish.

Garnish with fried or sprig separately.

Serve with a sauceboat of tomato sauce.

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