chicken a la king

45 minutes


  • Butter, 25 grams
  • Boiled chicken , 400 grams
  • Button Mushrooms, 100 grams
  • Red Pimento (skinned), 50 grams
  • Sherry, 30 milliliters
  • Cream, 30 milliliters
  • Chicken veloute, 125 milliliters



Wash,peel and slice the mushrooms.

Cook them without color in the butter.

If using raw pimento, discard the seeds, cut the pimento in dice and cook with the mushrooms.

Cut the chicken in escalopes.

Add the chicken to the mushrooms and pimento.

Drain off the fat.

Add the sherry, then the veloute and bring to boil.

Finish with the cream and correct the seasoning.

Place into a serving dish and decorate with small strips of cooked pimento.

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