chicken cacciatora

1 hour


  • 2 Onion
  • Red wine
  • 1 Green pepper
  • 1 Roasting Chicken
  • Olive oil, 3 grams
  • 2 Garlic cloves
  • Tomato soup (condensed), 1 cup
  • Mushrooms, 250 grams



Wipe the chicken , cut into neat pieces and remove the skin where needed.

Skin and slice onions; skin and chop garlic finely.

Saute onion and garlic in the oil until softened but not browned.Lift out.

Put in the chicken pieces and brown on all sides.

Replace garlic and onion, add the washed and sliced mushrooms, green pepper(washed, de-seeded and cut into strips)m wine and condensed tomato soup.

Stir till boiling.Reduce the heat.

Cover and simmer very gently until the chicken is tender(45 min).

Check the flavor and consistency of the sauce.

Season if necessary.

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