1 hour


  • Chopped Onion, 50 grams
  • Clove Garlic, 83 grams
  • Cooking oil, 250 milliliters
  • Medium sized tomatoes, 1 piece
  • Pilau masala, 3 tea spoons



  • Put water in a saucepan to boil weigh all ingredients
  • peel wash and slice the onions and also grate the garlic
  • Heat oil and add onions fry till brown add garlic and cook well without burning
  • Add salt , Pilau masala ,Tomatoe paste mix throughly and let it cook for a few minutes .
  • Add boiling water and cover to let the mixture to boil again.
  • Add rice stir well and cover to cook
  • When all the water has evaporated turn the rice simmer and cover with cling film.

Note; Serve mixed well beef and ensure that the pilau most not dry

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