cream of green pea soup

40 minutes


  • Onion, 25 grams
  • Mint, 1 stem
  • Bouquet Garni, 1 bunch
  • Water, 500 milliliters
  • Cream, 60 milliliters
  • Peas (shelled), 250 milliliters
  • Thin bechamel, 500 milliliters



Cook the peas in salted water with the onion, mint and garni until soft.

Remove the mint, garni and onion.

Pass firmly through a sieve.

Add to the bechamel, reboil and simmer for 5 min correct the seasoning.

Pass through a strainer.

Return to a clean pan, reboil, skim, correct the seasoning and consistency.

Finally stir in the cream.

Serve with croutons.

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