(pigeon peas) mukîmo (njugu/mbaazi)

1 hour


  • Mbaazi / njûgû (pigeon peas)
  • Soft maize, 4 pieces
  • Vegetable Oil, 5 milliliters
  • Potatoes, 2 kilograms
  • Spring onion



Remove maize from the cob and wash in running water.

Wash the mbaazi in running water and add to the maize.

Wash and peel the potatoes, and the spring onions.

Bring the maize and peas to boil until well cooked ( this can be done a previous day, store it cooked).

Bring to boil the potatoes until they are softly cooked, add some salt to season, then strain.

Add the cooked maize&peas, and mash them together with the potatoes, until they are smooth.

Cut the onions into desired size pieces, and saúte them under moderate heat. Once cooked add to the mashed meal.

Mix in the mash and confirm seasoning then serve hot.

N.B Accompaniment ( a vegetable salad (sauce), vegetable stew.

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