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These fruits look like peaches without the fuzz. While they are about the same size, shape, and color as peaches, their flesh is firmer and they taste sweeter. The flesh of the nectarine may be white or yellow with tinges of red close to the pit or stone.

With plenty of vitamin C, A, fiber, potassium, and niacin, nectarines provide more than a sweet taste. They also provide some sweet health benefits.

These fruits make wonderful snacks. Just biting into a sweet, juicy nectarine can thrill your taste buds. Do not eat these fruits raw. You can cook them instead. In fact, cooking softens the fruit and brings out its sweetness. Bake, grill, poach for a different- and delicious- take these sweet treats. Also, substitute nectarines for any recipe that calls for peaches or apricots.

One can shield eyes with antioxidant vitamins. They provide C and A, nectarines may also provide protection against vision problems. By scavenging dangerous free radicals that can damage your eye's lens and retina, these antioxidant vitamins protect your eyes from cataracts.

Fortify your heart with flavorful fruit. Nectarines may be small, but they cram a big dose of heart-healthy nutrients into each delicious bite.

The dietary fiber in the fruit can lower your blood pressure and slash your risk of heart disease and stroke.

When buying nectarines, look for fragrant, plump ones that are firm, but not too hard. Ripe ones will give in to gentle pressure along the seam; they will not be as soft as a ripe peach.

You can place slightly unripe nectarines in a paper bag to speed up their ripening. Refrigerate ripe fruit for up to five days. If the nectarine has a greenish color, it was picked too early and may not ripen well. Once picked, a nectarine's sugar content does not increase. Stay away from hard, shriveled, or soft fruits or those with spots, cracks, or bruises.

Last but nor least, buy organic nectarines when possible because they- and peaches- are among fruits most likely to have pesticide residue.


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