chilli peppers (pili pili)

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Chilli peppers  (Pili pili)

Chilli peppers are what you call a vibrant vegetable with stokes fires of wellness. The secret about the hot chilli taste is capsaicin, a substance found in the skin, seeds and inner ribs. That is what creates the fire- from mild to wild- in variations of chilli peppers.

Chilli is a hot hunger-free ticket to weight loss. Losing weight used to be a story of hunger pangs, boring food, and misery; a delicious way to eat fewer calories without really trying was discovered. Eating spicy hot chilli was it.

This natural appetite suppressant may last a long time. For instance, a pepper-laced breakfast not only reduces hunger all morning but can cut the protein and fat people eat during lunch. They can also help avoid weight gain, thanks to their vitamin C. To be sure to get enough of this important vitamin, enjoy other vitamin C-rich foods like strawberries, watercress and oranges.

Fresh chillis have more vitamin C than peppers that have been dried, cooked or canned. They are also a great addition to sandwiches, pico de gallo, dips, relishes, salad dressing and salsa. n addition, they still serve up plenty of flavour and vitamin A even when they are not fresh and raw. Use them to spice up stews, cornbread, curries, casseroles or the original ''great bowls of fire''- chilli.

Recipes from Indian, Spanish, Mexican, Cajun, Jamaican and Oriental cuisines may give you even more tantalizing ways to enjoy chilli peppers.

Protection against kidney stones. This hot stuff helps as it has vitamin B6. A deficiency in this vitamin may cause your body to make more oxalate- a component of painful kidney stones. Another source of this vitamin are chickpeas, fortified cereals and rice.

Speedier wound healing. They shorten the road to recovery of wounds or cuts as its a good source of beta carotene the body can convert to vitamin A. Also load up beta carotene and vitamin A from sweet potatoes, carrots, turnip greens, sweet red peppers, kale, pumpkin and spinach.

Beats indigestion. The chilli cools the pain, nausea and full feeling from indigestion. They can also irritate the stomach and may cause indigestion in some people. Those that have ulcers or heartburn can avoid them.

When the burning in your mouth gets too hot to handle, remember ''fire and rice''. Rice eases the flames better than most liquids. Other options include; bread, potatoes, yoghurt or milk.

Once you cut open a chilli, do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes. Even washing hands with soap and water may not remove all the oil; washing with vinegar may help.


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