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Ultimate herb

1.      What are herbs?

Herbs, are the leafy part of the plant, and just like spices, they are not only used to add flavor to your food and drinks, but also to enhance appearance, through garnishing.

2.      Examples of herbs include

  • ·        Thyme
  • ·        Rosemary
  • ·        Oregano
  • ·        Coriander
  • ·        Parsley
  • ·        Basil leaves
  • ·        Scallion/spring onions
  • ·        Chives
  • ·        Bay leaves
  • ·        Lemon grass

3. How to use herbs

Only a few leaves of any desired herb are required, this is because they tend to be very strongly flavored whilst fresh, thus only a small amount is required. They can be used in teas, smoothies, soups, stews as an ingredient.

4. Benefits of using herbs

Herbs have anti-inflammatory properties, and increase metabolism. Their strong scents make them preferable for flavoring food or as garnishes.

Herbs are available in most open air markets and can be planted in our kitchen gardens or the tiny spaces we have soil. They are easy to till and the more fresh they are at use the better. They can also be found as wildly growing plants.


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