juniper berries/ beri ya mreteni/ matunda ya juniper

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Juniper berries/ Beri ya mreteni/ Matunda ya juniper

Wayafahamu matunda ya Juniper?

Juniper berry is a female seed cone that is produced by the various species of juniper trees. It is not a true berry: It is a cone that ripens to resemble the soft, juicy and sweet blue berries .

Juniper berry trees are most common in the Northern Hemisphere; and they are found in different varieties. Juniper trees have needle-like blue green leaves, and produce; small yellow or blue flowers, and berries.

The easiest way to tell them apart when fully grown is by their height: As they appear as small shrubs, and as huge tall trees, representing height variations

Although not all juniper berries are edible, some edible varieties include; Juniperus procera, Juniperus vinginiana, Juniperus californica, Juniperus chinensis, Juniperus deppeana, Juniperus drupacea, Juniperus excels, Juniperus oxycedrus, Juniperus phoenicea

Juniperus procera also known as African juniper, African pencil-cedar, East African juniper, East African-cedar, and Kenya-cedar; is the specie native to Kenyan highlands. It is a tall majestic tree that only grows 1500m above sea level. 

In Kenya it is found in the Kijabe forest at a whooping 2200m above sea level and receives sunlight all year round; thus the characteristic flavor of its berries.

Juniperus procera is also found in many other African countries and in the Arabian Peninsula: And is the only Jupiter found south of the equator. It is closely related to the Asian Juniperus excelsa.

Juniper berries or beri ya mreteni as they are known in Swahili; are available in their raw state, as dried fruits and as an essential oil. Matunda ya juniper is another common Swahili name for the berries.

In culinary Juniper berries are used to flavor meats and sauces; create tonic water and tea and to flavor Gin. See Procera GIN . They are not eaten in handfuls straight off the bush: They have a strong, woody, spicy pepper- like flavor and gritty texture. It takes a small amount to flavor a meal. Juniper berries as an essential oil are used in aromatherapy

Health benefits of Juniper berries:

  • The scent has a calming effect and can help ease stress and nervous tension
  • Stimulation of urinary passages
  • Antiseptic properties for treating cuts and scrapes, thus preventing infections
  • Boosts digestion by acting as a stimulant of digestive enzymes
  • Used to reduce stomach pains and chest pains
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to reduce symptoms of joint pain, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Useful for reducing muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Detoxifying properties that help to control sebum production and balance oily skin. This is perfect for helping to prevent clogged pores or breakouts
  • Supporting healthy kidneys
  • Boosting stamina


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